A tailor made web programme for Young People to develop financial know-how, improve reading and writing, working with numbers and life skills generally, to make you better placed to achieve your aims in adult life. Stepladder has 6 Steps, shows your progress when you successfully complete a Step.

The programme is open to all 15 -25 year olds and offers young people the chance to have a personal mentor where it can be arranged, to help with progress and to provide support when moving on to further education, training, or employment. A great opportunity to learn about money.

In order to take the Stepladder programme you must:

  1. Have reached your 15th birthday

Here are the steps

    1. Literacy – that is, reading and writing 
    2. Numeracy – that is, handling numbers 
    3. Financial capability (1) Making my Money Work – basic money sense 
    4. Plan for the future – 250 words on how you plan adult life 
    5. Financial capability (2) Managing my Money – an 8 week radio course with lots of money info 
    6. Mentoring - securing future education, employment or training, with individual help 

Benefits for young people

  • Easy learning, anytime, anywhere! All you need is internet connection, then work at your own pace, measure your progress, and complete each step.
  • Learn how to manage your money as a life skill
  • Start planning for your future and get a personal mentor
  • Consider becoming a mentor for the Stepladder of Achievement for someone else in the future.

With a roll-out across Local Authorities starting in Autumn 2016, The Share Foundation will be offering you a chance to build your know-how with money.

Interested? Click here to see when your local authority will be switched on to the programme

Any queries? Just call The Share Foundation on 01296 310400