A tailor made web programme for Young People to develop financial know-how, improve reading and writing, working with numbers and life skills generally, to make you better placed to achieve your aims in adult life. Stepladder has 6 Steps, shows your progress when you successfully complete a Step.

REMEMBER: Stepladder of Achievement DOES NOT pay any financial rewards for steps completed. This is only available with Stepladder PLUS!!! To find out if your council is running Stepladder PLUS, speak to your Social Worker.

The programme is open to all 15 -25 year olds and offers young people the chance to have a personal mentor where it can be arranged, to help with progress and to provide support when moving on to further education, training, or employment. A great opportunity to learn about money.

In order to take the Stepladder programme you must:

  1. Have reached your 15th birthday

Here are the steps

    1. Literacy – that is, reading and writing 
    2. Numeracy – that is, handling numbers 
    3. Making my Money Work – making decisions about your money coming in and out 
    4. Plan for the future – 250 to 500 words on what you want to achieve in the future
    5. Managing my Money – learn about the financial things you'll use in your lifetime!
    6. Employment, Education or Training? - your commitment over the next 12 to 18 months 

Benefits for young people

  • Easy learning, anytime, anywhere! All you need is internet connection, then work at your own pace, measure your progress, and complete each step.
  • Learn how to manage your money as a life skill
  • Start planning for your future and get a personal mentor
  • Consider becoming a mentor for the Stepladder of Achievement for someone else in the future.

If you have any questions or problems with Stepladder, contact the Programme Coordinator on 01296 310405 or email stepladder@sharefound.org