Before you register for Stepladder of Achievement, we must be honest with you about how we use your personal information. This can also be called ‘data’. When you are approved for Stepladder of Achievement, The Share Foundation uses and stores some personal information about you. We take care to keep this safe. The statements below tell you more about how we do this and why.

  1. When you complete the registration form, we keep the details you provide on our secure system. The secure system is protected from people who search for and steal personal information online. We promise you that your personal information WILL NOT be used for profit or marketing purposes.

  2. We will contact you using the contact details you provide to support you with the course when you need it. We may also contact you to evaluate your experience of the programme and how it benefits you. If the contact details you provide are out of date, we may contact you via your allocated Social Worker.

  3. Only staff from The Share Foundation have access to our secure system and only use your personal information when working on Stepladder of Achievement. We will NEVER SHARE your personal details with anyone outside of The Share Foundation.

  4. We use information from Stepladder of Achievement to study how the programme benefits young people. We may share evidence of these benefits with professionals or organisations who want to know how Stepladder of Achievement makes a difference. When we do this, we DO NOT include your name, contact details, date of birth or location. This is called ‘anonymising’ and stops people from identifying you from the information we use.

To take part in Stepladder of Achievement, we need your consent to use your information in this way. By ticking the box on the registration page, you confirm you agree to this statement:

“I am happy for The Share Foundation to use and store my personal information for the purposes of delivering the Stepladder of Achievement programme.”