The Share Foundation’s appeals and complaints procedure for the Stepladder of Achievement should be regarded as a last resort. 

Participants should contact a member of staff at the earliest juncture to see if any matter can be resolved before an appeal/complaint is made.

The procedure is as follows: 

  1. You need to send us an email to explaining what it is that you wish to appeal/complain about, for example which step you have taken the results of which that you don’t agree it is, how many times you have retaken it and why you don’t agree with the result. 
  2. This will be reviewed by the Stepladder Programme Co-ordinator and you can expect a response in 21 days.
  3. If the Stepladder Programme Co-ordinator needs he/she will refer more complex matters to the Director of Operations.
  4. You may appeal against decisions taken by members of staff by asking the Director of Operations to refer the matter to The Share Foundation’s Chairman of Trustees who will make the final decision. No further appeals will then be possible.